October 18-30, 2022

Bavaria is the largest German state by land area, comprising roughly a fifth of the total land area of Germany. With over 13 million inhabitants, it is second in population only to North Rhine-Westphalia, but due to its large size its population density is below the German average. Bavaria’s main cities are Munich(its capital and largest city and also the third largest city in Germany.) Bavaria has a unique culture, largely because of the state’s Catholic heritage and conservative traditions.

I begin my journey in Munich (after arriving from Los Angeles, California) on the 19th of October ending in Frankfurt and leaving on the 30th of October, back to Los Angeles.

I hope to keep a photo journal to share with family and friends. I was here last in April 2018 but did not spend too much time, just a day or two. I was so impressed with the beauty of the region that I decided to come back some day. That ‘some day’ is here and I am so looking forward to my trip. Seven days will be via a car. So without giving up much, I’ll let you follow my journey via this blog, the link to which I will share on my Facebook page and/or via email. Please be sure to leave me a message if you have time or just sign in. Here are a few images from my last trip. They are mostly from the area where Neuschwanstein Castle is located. So sit back and enjoy.




Reit im Winkl



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